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Performance Tuning

Shireoak Motorcycles Lead Mechanic, Tom Butterworth, has years of experience of engine rebuilding and performance tuning.

Having worked on bikes from a young age, Tom's interest in performance tuning grew during his time spent working alongside Norton Motorcycles, where he had access to the local college Dynamonitor.

Fast forward ten years and Tom can be now found working on Dyno Pro T62 LLC Dynamonitor from Shireoak Motorcycles workshop in Walsall Wood. The industry leading T62 LLC Dynamonitor has the ability to change load settings to simulate specific conditions and replicate problems.

The Dyno Pro T62 LLC used at Shireoak Motorcycles also boasts a Wide Band Air/Fuel Analyser that allows analysis of the air / fuel mix all the way through the range of the bike. This helps to ensure any ECU remap is behaving correctly with no damage to the engine and that your bikes performance is fully optimised. Carburettor tuning is also possible.

Our preferred method of ECU tuning approach is direct flashing. This saves money and gives better results than add-on fuelling products.

For further information on motorcycle dyno tuning, bookings and appointments, contact Tom directly at Shireoak Motorcycles on +44 (0)1543 361955.

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